USBA Goals & Action

Child Advocacy Statement

The members of the Utah School Boards Association are advocates for all children in Utah’s public schools. As advocates, we will ensure that: every child has access to the education needed to become a contributing, productive member of society.

We are leaders in educating the citizens of Utah on the issues facing public education

We actively engage all contributing partners:

• Students

• Parents

• Educators

• Community

• Business

• Government

Advocacy for Children

As school board members we must be effective advocates for all children.

Action Plan 1

Board Members

• Emphasize the value of public education in Utah

• Improve student achievement

• Strengthen public communication

Action Plan 2

Community Engagement:

• Facilitate multiple education, business, and community organizations in advocacy  efforts

• Develop a public relations campaign on the role of school boards

• Develop next steps to “What Counts”

Action Plan 3

Legislative Services:

  • Identify needs

     • Coordinate our efforts with those of USSA and USABO

     • Create legislation

          • Establish a task force to study public education funding and initiate legislation to regain local board autonomy

          • Strengthen the Constitutional provisions requiring each bill to stand on its own merits

Legislative contacts:

  • Attend local caucuses and mass meetings

  • Initiate year-round communication with all legislators

  • Involve legislators in local school events

Local board involvement:

   • Educate boards on the legislative process

   • Continue email updates, calls-to-action, etc.

Board Development

Our goal is to provide leadership training for local board members to meet the needs of every child in every district.

Action Plan 1

We Focus on:

  • Student achievement

  • Community involvement

  • Values and goals

Action Plan 2

We believe in Collaboration with:

  • Other districts and other states

  • Other organizations such as PTA, UEA, cities, counties, businesses

  • Students, parents, teachers, school staff, and patrons, etc.

Action Plan 3

We use Training as a model for local boards for:

  • Unity among members of the board

  • “Coming to Order”

  • Professionalism

     • Civility

     • Code of Conduct—dress, speech, preparation, timeliness

     • Confidentiality

  • Member services

  • Legislative process

     • Delegate assembly process and position

     • Rapport and help during the legislative session

Action Plan 4

We stress Communication in an environment of trust through:

  • USBA web site

  • Other districts and local board members

  • New board members

  • Media

  • Students, Parents, Educators, Community, Business, and Government

Member Services

To offer maximum support to our school districts, USBA will:

Action Plan 1

Continue to offer free and subsidized services to districts such as:

  • Superintendent and business administrator services

  • Board goal settings

  • Board, superintendent, and business administrator evaluations

  • Policy consultation services

  • Collaboration among districts

Action Plan 2

Publicize services available to districts by:

  • Producing media and marketing material as needed.

  • Utilize USBA’s web site as a source for current information and resources

Action Plan 3

Research and develop new programs that will provide revenue to allow USBA to continue to provide services to districts.