About USBA…

The Utah School Boards Association was founded in 1932 by local school board members throughout the State of Utah who recognized, even then, the need for a concerted voice on behalf of children, parents, local taxpayers and board members.

USBA became a state-wide organized association when the 1959 State Legislature passed an act which permitted local Boards of Education to join and pay dues to the Utah School Boards Association. USBA represents all 41 Utah school districts and the State Board of Education.

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of one member from each of the sixteen regions within the state, a representative from the State Board of Education, and the four elected officers of the Association: the President and First and Second Vice- Presidents, as well as the Past President. Whenever a Utah school board member holds an elected position with the National School Boards Association, that person also serves on the Board of Directors.