Professional Consultant Services

Your Association staff can be most helpful in all phases of searching for a new person. USBA has performed professional searches for more than 30 districts.  Whether it be the superintendent position or that of business administrator, USBA’s comprehensive service identifies strong condidate pools to help facilitate the board’s responsibilities.  In the field of legal and policy matters, board members and administrators have immediate access to USBA staff via telephone, e-mail, or in person.  In the event of some form of employee job action, USBA can provide a comprehensive contigent plan and individual assistance.

Attorneys with special expertise in education law are immediately available to render advice and help, even to defend you as an individual board member.

USBA also offers an ever-growing library of reports, books, monographs, and training materials.  Copies are as close as a phone call and research on any topic is available through regional and national resources.