Walking to School

Have You Told Your Story?

The importance of educating ourselves and knowing the facts about public education is where we must  begin.  Do you know the statistics of school enrollment, the public education general fund, per pupil spending, and pupil-teacher ratio? Take a moment to familiarize yourself then tell your story to those who need to hear it.

Public School Enrollment

USBA Enrollment Information 2015

2015 Public Education General Fund

USBA Website Resources Funding 2015

USBA.cc Expenditures by Function 2015

Per Pupil Spending in Perspective, 2012

USBA Per Pupil Spending 2015

Pupil-Teacher Ratio

USBA Pupil-Teacher Ratio 2015
Education, U. S. (2017). 2015-16 Utah State Office of Education Fingertip Facts. Salt Lake: State Office of Education