MBA Reporting/Training


USBA Power Up is more than just another training tool, and it’s more than quiz game. We like to call it a “Quaizme!”

That’s a working title, but the fact remains: We know job training can be inconvenient and, well… dull. At the same time, we also know job training programs are important for everyone’s safety and well-being in the workplace.

USBA Power Up is a way to inject some fun and, if you like, some friendly competition into your department’s training program, without imposing any undue time commitments or a steep learning curve.

From your profile simply select a training or reading from the list and read through the information. When you’re finished you’ll be quized on what you just read. Earn points for correct answers, access “Emergency Boosters” if you get stuck, and see how high you can score. Invite collegues to beat your score, and share your own input on every subject.

We hope you’ll have as much fun playing this Quaizme! as we had creating it. Have more questions? Contact us. Otherwise, head over to and get started.

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