USBA Program

Workers’ Compensation

Utah School Boards Risk Management Mutual Insurance Association (USBRMMIA) was formed to serve school districts. We focus on the day-to-day issues, from managing workers’ compensation claims to arranging managed care and return-to-work initiatives to providing consulting services. We also serve as a source of communication among other school districts.

The consistently rising cost of workers’ compensation continues to place an enormous burden on school districts. USBRMMIA believes that workers’ compensation claims costs can be managed and contained through a comprehensive, well-structured, and expertly-managed approach that includes clear communication with all parties involved, continuous monitoring and management of all issues that can affect the settlement and cost of a claim, and a constant focus on returning injured employees to work as quickly as possible.

How To Submit a Claim

A claim is submitted any time an employee reports that they have been injured or were made ill as a result of their work duties and they have had, or would like to receive, medical treatment.

  1. For easy online reporting: WebEnvision
    The Online Report has all the information needed to provide a Form 122-First Report of Injury to the State of Utah. Follow the Online Reporting Instructions
  2. Helpful Hints   
    • Location is at the top in the middle!
    • Do not use dashes, slashes, or commas in numeric fields.
    • Print a copy for your records before clicking on submit.
  3. Related Forms: Employee Statement, Supervisor Accident ReportWitness Statement, and Form 122.

What We Do

USBRMMIA will investigate, establish, and monitor reserves and pay claims. We will identify claims where settlement may be a better option and, with your agreement, negotiate the settlement. We will also follow up when a third party may be responsible for your employee’s injury and pursue recovery of the payments we have made. Our team also reports claims to the excess carrier in compliance with their guidelines.

To accomplish this we do the following:

  • Establish claims handling and reserve procedures consistent with industry best practices
  • Comply with state laws and rules in reporting of and in administering benefits
  • Provide ongoing consultation with districts on the complex or disputed claim
  • Aid in administering District’s Designated Provider Programs
  • Provide large claims review done by outside management consultants

The Team

Our workers’ compensation team is dedicated to great customer service for school districts and their employees. Our team consists of experienced professionals in the claims administration of school district risks. No other company can deliver the concentration of expertise or the senior level commitment.

Our Mission

We believe that all of our district employees who are injured in the course of their employment should receive their medical and indemnity benefits in a professional and timely manner. USBRMMIA will investigate, set up files, negotiate and recommend settlements, pay claims, and establish and monitor reserves.

In Addition

We provide the following services to school districts:

  • Ongoing education
  • Centralized source for legal and safety networking
  • Company Nurse: Company Nurse is a triage service available for your employees to call and get advice on what treatment they need and, when necessary, will be directed to your designated provider for treatment. 
  • Remember — even when your employee calls Company Nurse, an online claim still needs to be submitted.