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Risk Management

USBA’s Risk Management and Loss Control programs utilize in-house professionals, including two deputized state fire marshals with several fire-training certifications. All loss-control staff are also certified to perform in-depth playground inspections utilizing ASTM and CPSC guidelines. We also provide training and other opportunities for school districts to reduce liability and their liability premiums at the same time.

Active Shooter Scenario-Based Training

In the past 50 years there have been over 100 school shooting incidents in America. Over 60 of these occurred in the last decade. While the Columbine High and Virginia Tech shootings have received the most notoriety, they are by no means the only occurrences of this type of violence in our schools.

Utah School Boards Risk Management has designed a training exercise that works directly with district personnel and local law enforcement agencies to identify risks and evaluate current lockdown policies.

ADA In Our Schools

ADA in Utah public schools is covered under Title II of the ADA which covers “public entities.” 

The two key provisions of Title II are that public entities must provide (1) program access (2) in an integrated setting unless separate programs are necessary to ensure equal benefits or services.

USBAs ADA program can provide ADA compliance help in an effort to reduce ADA related liabilities. 

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Cheerleader Safety Clinics

Each May, USBA along with State Risk Management holds cheerleader safety clinics across the state. These clinics are designed to promote cheerleader safety and teach new cheerleaders and coaches basic stunting progression skills as well as go over any rule changes for the upcoming year. This year we provided training for 149 cheer teams, 312 coaches, and 3029 cheerleaders!

Due to time constraints, not all of the progression skills can be passed off at the clinics. In order to provide coaches and teams with instruction on critical progressions, we have provided video links (found below) where you can see a visual demonstration of each skill on the progression chart. These links are not intended to eliminate the need to attend the clinics but are being offered to help with the ones that may not have been covered, or if you may need a short refresher for your team.

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