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Group Health Insurance Pool

USBA’s health insurance pool offers self-funded medical and prescription drug coverage, fully-funded and insured dental plans, and an employee-wellness program. This pool provides its members with the flexibility to design and maintain excellent employee health insurance benefits  at the most competitive, premium rates.

Since 1999, USBA has pooled school districts together to create better negotiating power for its members. This has shown to be very effective over the past years of consecutive low-rate increases and has allowed for minimal plan design changes.

Our Partners

USBA has partnered with Public Employee Health Plans (PEHP) for health insurance, Delta Dental for traditional dental plans, and Total Dental Administrators (TDA) for their voluntary dental plans.

USBA is constantly evaluating their partners to make sure they provide the best possible plans, providers, and rates for the members and employees of the insurance pool.

If you’d like more information regarding what we can do for you or for  a proposal, please contact us below.

How the Pool Works

Currently, USBA has 15 school districts/employers which represent approximately 2400 employees/retirees. These employers have chosen to pool together to create better plan designs, services, and prices for their employees. Like most things you can purchase, the higher the quantity the lower the cost will be on that particular item.

The insurance pool has seven plan options to choose from and each district or employer can offer one or all seven plans to their employees. The employee premium contributions are set by each district, depending on the type of funding that is available to them.

The costs are what drive the pool’s premiums, so the cost that is incurred during that particular plan year will determine the premium that you will pay. The administrative costs of the plans are currently lower than the current market rates available. There is no premium tax or risk charge which you may see with other insurance carriers. The combination of these features, and the pool’s positive claims-cost trends, which have remained very stable, makes the USBA insurance pool a very attractive benefit offer.

The USBA insurance pool has a governing board that is in charge of all decision-making. Each district/employer has one member sit on the board and each member gets one vote. Keith Johansen with Wasatch County School District is our current Board President. She facilitates all meetings and the decision making processes.


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