Workers’ Compensation

Utah School Boards Risk Management Mutual Insurance Association (USBRMMIA) was formed to serve only School Districts, we focus on the day to day issues, from managing workers compensation claims, managed care, and return to work initiatives, providing consulting services, and providing a source of communication among other school districts.

The consistently rising cost of Workers’ Compensation continues to place an enormous burden on School Districts. USBRMMIA believes that workers’ compensation claims costs can be managed and contained through a comprehensive, well-structured, and expertly managed approach that includes clear communication with all parties involved, continuous monitoring and management of all issues that can affect the settlement and cost of a claim, and a constant focus on returning injured employees to work as quickly as possible.

The Team

Our Workers’ Compensation Team is dedicated to great customer service for School Districts and their employees. Our team consists of experienced professionals in the claims administration of School District risks. No other company can deliver the concentration of expertise or the senior level commitment.

We believe that all of our district employees, which are injured in the course of their employment, should receive their medical and indemnity benefits in a professional and timely manner.

USBRMMIA will investigate, set up files, negotiate and recommend settlement, pay claims, establish and monitor reserves, and input claims data into the information system.

  1. Establish claims procedures, oversee claims administration.

  2. Provide online reporting services. WebEnvision- Click the brown links for First Report of Injury Reporting:, for the Employee Statement Regarding Accident: Employee Statement, for the Supervisor Accident Report, and for the Witness Statement.

  3. Establish loss reserves consistent with the philosophy and within compliance of excess carriers.

  4. Create and monitor information systems established for management.

  5. Provide claims supervision for all claims with special review provisions, by outside management consultants.

  6. Negotiate with excess carriers regarding their potential involvement with reported claims as well as establishing an agreed system of reporting.

  7. Sub contract with Preferred Providers and provide clinic/hospital information by district.

  8. Provide on-going educational input to district Risk Management.

  9. Provide a central source for legal and safety networking.

  10. Schedule required interim meetings with Risk Management and adjusters to keep all areas of adjustment in flow and recognize questions/differences.

  11. Coordination with Company Nurse for new reporting procedures. View:  Company Nurse Video

USBRMMIA provides you with the service you deserve. For a proposal or more information contact:

Sherie Comish

Claims Manager

Ph:   (801) 878-0690

Fax: (801) 878-0693



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